About the Company

HPlus Nano Teoranta is founded on the belief that nothing is more precious than the health of those we love. For this reason, the company has worked tirelessly over the past decade exploring new methods for strengthening the human body from within. Through global initiatives and partnerships with labs around the world, the company strives to bring to the marketplace advanced new tools for enriching and strengthening lives.

HPlus Nano is a state sponsored company that operates within the fields of biochemical engineering, microbiology, and nanotechnology. The company's primary focus throughout most of its relatively short history has been in the development of tools at the nano scale. Its earliest growth funding came from a series of government research
grants and then later with the passing of three progressive laws by the Parliament of Ireland to grow the country's already exploding biotech sector.

Building Alliances at HPlus Nano
HPlus Nano works closely with a variety of institutes and laboratories in Switzerland, Chile, Germany, India and other parts of the world. These strategic partnerships have allowed the company to not only stay at the forefront of leading technology, but to also bring together the top minds in a range of fields and disciplines to help the company dream, design and build some of its most groundbreaking products.

Currently, HPlus Nano is a premium contractor to all of the branches of Ireland's defense forces, and supplies a variety of tools to ensure soldier safety and health on the battlefield. In addition to outfitting the military with next generation tools for its medical units, HPlus Nano also supplies select units with the N54 medical implant, which allows
medical teams to closely monitor the health of its soldiers. Other members of the EU have already begun looking at implementing similar products into their armed forces. HPlus Nano is working closely with these countries to help them take the right steps.

HPlus Nano has also begun a bold and exciting step towards a healthier world. It has recently partnered with six African Union countries to supply the youth population with the N54 implant. Within five years, the company expects to see a drastic reduction in the diseases endemic among youth in those regions. HPlus Nano’s youth initiative in Africa
is just one way that the company intends to take on some of the world's most persistent health problems.

HPlus Nano's Global Vision
Although the company began its journey with its sights set on the medical sector, HPlus Nano understands that strengthening the body and preventing illness goes hand in hand with enriching the lives of the healthy. Therefore, HPlus Nano has begun to explore new roads with some of its leading technology like the N54. By fostering the communities that are growing around some of its leading products, HPlus Nano intends to make connectivity and social interaction the next focus in its upcoming suite of products.

Above all, the company strives to make sure all of its methods are in line with the needs of a global community, and in particular the physical world. HPlus Nano recognizes that the nano scale is no more important than the macro scale. For this reason, the company looks outward as well as inward, and has committed itself to techniques that protect the
fragile environment and strengthen the health of the planet.

The company understands that much like the N54, humans are the earth's microscopic conservators. The company is therefore working to grow, educate, and empower that network for an enriched and healthy future for all.

Executive Team

HPlus Nano Teo was founded by directors Dixon Peters and Slaine Fitzgibbon Peters. Dixon and Slaine are both foremost authorities in the fields of biotechnology and nano engineering respectively. Together they have six decades of experience leading teams
at a variety of institutions worldwide. Their executive core includes Chief Financial Officer, Dennis Hu, Chief Operating Officer, Aiden McDonough and Director of New Projects, Breanna Sheehan.

The company is also happy to welcome its newest addition, Director of Public Relations, Leilani Kekoa.

HPlus Nano considers its strategic alliances with scientists worldwide integral to the company’s core structure. HPlus Nano continues to develop with and nurture the work of such exceptional minds including Thomas Torpel of DIMBS, Lisa Burriss, lead developer of the Papyrus Algorithm, and award-winning neuroscientist, Patricio Raiz. Currently, the company has a contracted partnership with Centro de Biofísica de Chile, with whom it shares a variety of scientific resources.