Hplus Nano Teoranta
HPlus Nano is not only one of Ireland's fastest growing technology companies, but it has become a world leader in biotech and nanotech. It continues to pioneer effective and safe new methods for strengthening our bodies, our lives, and our connections. » LEARN MORE
Science & Technology
The N54 implant is merely one important milestone on the path of transhumanism. From artery cleaners to exciting new breakthroughs in nervous system interfacing, HPlus Nano is developing a suite of advanced new tools that will make good on the promise to strengthen our fragile lives. » READ MORE
About the Company
The growth of the company over the past decade has been astounding, with Hplus Nano now spanning 4 continents. As an equal opportunity employer, HPlus Nano continues to grow its workforce with curious and committed individuals from all over the world. Do you think you're the right fit? » LEARN MORE